2016 Remnant Conference

2016 北美餘民特會 (2016 Remnant Conference)

講員 朱志山 牧師 (Pastor: Vincent Choo)
日期 (date):  11/25 ( 週五 9am) ~ 11/27 ( 週日 12pm)
地點 (Conference location):  Hilton Garden Inn Fairfax ( 3950 Fair Ridge Drive Fairfax, Virginia  22033    USA)
若須住宿, 訂房 (hotel room reservation) weblink: http://group.hiltongardeninn.com/CLCWDCRemnantConference
(Special room rate:$57/day(the rate only available untill 11/20) ,  each room can be occupied with 2 guests)

Remnant Conference 2016: Living Gloriously in a Disbelieving and Wounded Culture

We are all wounded, because of our sins and the consequences that come with them. Yet, we didn't know how deep is the root of disbelief beneath those wounds. We struggle and went the way of humanism, ending up with more wounds and hurts in our life. Numbness and indifference then becomes the norm. Yet, Christ has shown his glory among the sinful, and walk with the wounded. We cordially invite you to WDC Remnant Conference 2016, to learn how we can pray for ourselves and our loved ones in this culture of disbelief and wound.

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Event Date: 
Fri, 2016-11-25 09:00 - Sun, 2016-11-27 12:30