Redirecting from YouTube Search for Latest Broadcasts to Live Broadcast

即将来临的直播 Upcoming Broadcasts

现场直播 Live Broadcasts

若现场直播链接已预备号,您将在10秒后自动被跳转. 若链接还没预备好,本页会更新再索取直播链接。
If the live broadcast URL link is ready, you will be redirected in 10 second(s). If not, the page will be refreshed to get the live broadcast link.

Normally, even though the YouTube live broadcast link might be ready, the search for the live broadcast link on our YouTube channel may not be ready until 3-5 minutes later. If you want to get the live broadcast link in the fastest manner, please subscribe to our Spring4life Google Group where we will post the link to the live broadcast immediately when we actually start broadcasting.

If the redirected YouTube page is not correct (not the live broadcast), it could be that the church coworkers are still actively remedying the situation. Please return to this page and refresh if that is the case.